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Compare to existing ones AHP-technology provides such decisive advantages as:

Perfect quality and homogeneity of crystals along all directions not depending on diameter --->  yield up to 90%

Growth speed 5 mm\hour   ---> higher productivity

possibility of growing unrestrictedly large diameters ---> new possibilities for industry

As a result we get more qualitative crystals at significantly lower prime-cost. Technology is patented and reliably protected with know-how.

Schematic diagram for growing crystals by the AHP-method and own engineered and made pilot growth set-up:













Specific features of AHP crystallization:


1.      Maintaining constant during the whole growth run all crystallization conditions: growth rates, temperature gradients, melt overheating, melt flow velocity, v.

2.      Laminar melt flow (v=10-5–10-1 cm /sec).

3.      Flat melt-crystal interface.

4.      Absence of striations.

5.      Control of longitudinal distribution of composition (melt feeding procedure is realized at keff =1)

6.      Control of lateral distribution of composition.

7.      Quantitative description of heat and mass transfer processes.


Single crystals of Ge, CdZnTe, GaSb and GaInSb have been successfully grown using AHP-technology.

Quality and structure of grown crystals confirmed theoretical expectations.


Comparison between numerically calculated and experimentally measured longitudinal distribution of Te in GaSb [3]











Lateral distribution of Sb in germanium









Lateral distribution of composition of AHP GaInSb crystal